Monthly Surprise!

Our unique high-neck, waterproof bib has capped shoulders and a wide snap-on, silicone crumb catcher to prevent food from staining clothes.
  • NO more scrubbing stains after feedings/mealtimes
  • NO more stained bibs – ours wipes clean!
  • NO more ruined clothes…and
  • NO more caring if your little monkey is being messy while eating!
  • NO more rashes or skin irritations from food dribbling down baby's neck.
Our motto is “the messier the merrier” – let kids be kids and do what they do best…be messy! And with our full-coverage, easy to clean bib, they can be without mom worrying about stained clothes. And we are not just the best baby bib. We donate to No Kid Hungry in an effort to create a world where no child goes to bed hungry in the US. Wear Our Bib... Feed the World,
13 MILLION kids in the US alone go to bed hungry. Not to mention the millions of children around the world who are starving. By the time you read this sentence horrifically and sadly another child just passed away from hunger (every 6 seconds or 25,000 children every day). We want to change this so we have teamed up with No Kid Hungry to create a world where no child goes to bed hungry around the world AND right here in the USA.

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