My Story | The Little Monkey Company

I am originally from Chicago.  I attended college at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ and have called Arizona my home since graduating in 2001.   My family and friends are extremely important to me and the ones I can always count on for advice/support/knowledge...especially when my first child was born in August of 2016. 

This is where my story begins…

Being pregnant at 37 years old with my first child was very exciting!  I had dreamt of this day but never thought it would happen.  Many of my closest friends already had one or two kids or were even on their way to #4!!! So, as you can imagine, they couldn’t wait for me to be able to experience being a Mom for the first time.  The baby showers were quickly planned in Chicago and Arizona and I had never felt so loved and thought of before.  Then, came all of the amazing gifts including high-end baby clothes, adorable onesies, dresses, matching sparkly shirts and leggings.  I was incredibly grateful and couldn’t wait for my Little Monkey to arrive!

When my Little Monkey was about 4 months old, I slowly started introducing her to baby food.  Every time she would sit in her high chair to eat I would put a bib on her (multiple kinds/types) and without a doubt she would get food all over her neck and ruin the neckline of her clothes.  Her skin would even break out.  Every.Single.Time.  I was frustrated because her nice clothes our friends gave us kept getting ruined.  It was becoming a problem especially when I would meet friends who gave her the outfit she had on now had food stains on the neck.

March 13, 2017 is when the idea popped into my head and The Little Monkey Company was born.  Why couldn’t I design a bib with a high neck made out of eco-friendly, soft swimsuit type material?  My idea took off, research began, samples were made in my house using pieces of my Little Monkey’s swimsuit and a few safety pins...there was no stopping my vision now.

During the research and development stage, I was horrified to learn how much was going into the landfills. So, creating a bib that would be sustainable, eco-friendly and easily washed would help keep those long lasting bibs out of the landfill and benefit the environment which was extremely important to me.

I want to create a chemical free/eco-friendly bib for other Moms/Dads, Mimis/Daddads (and caretakers) to use for their little ones.  It will help eliminate the mess and make their lives a little easier while the kiddos eat wearing a safe, comfortable and functional bib.

To all the Little Monkeys out there...cheers to eating lots, staying healthy and doing what you do best...being messy!

Thank you to all of my supporters and customers!!