We have YOUR best interests in mind

We have YOUR best interests in mind

When it came to developing The Little Monkey Company baby bibs, we made sure to have YOUR best interests in mind...WHY?



*First bibs w/high neck to help eliminate breakouts

*Capped sleeves for more coverage

*Detachable nylon top is machine washable/tumble dry low

*100% food grade silicone cup is dishwasher safe

*Entire bib rolls up for easy travel 


As parents, aunts, uncles, caregivers, friends or grandparents, it’s all about convenience and what’s easy when it comes to kids. We want to help make your life a little easier and brighter ;) 




Cari K

Best bib ever…
This bib has been a life changer.
My daughter just turned 3…and yes she still needs a bib…

Shawna Mullarky

Great idea!!!
Can’t wait for mine to arrive

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