Tell All Tuesdays

Tell All Tuesdays

They say laughter is the best medicine even if it's at someone else's expense.  So, on Tuesdays we are going to try our best and make you laugh with one or two real life Little Monkey stories :) 

Tell All Tuesdays #1 - my own personal story 

"I don't have a ton of memories from Kindergarten but this one I will never forget.  We lived in Milford, OH and I had two best friends.  Stacy and Kasey.  I was invited to have a play date one morning and was so excited I couldn't stand it!  I woke up, got dressed (so I thought) and ran out the door and all the way up the hill to meet them.  I probably ran about 200 yards to get to Kasey's when she, her brother, his friend and Stacy were waiting for me.  They all looked at me a little funny and then it hit me...I looked down and only had on my UNDERWEAR!!  I was in such a hurry that I forgot to put pants on!  LOL!"

- Beth, AZ/CO

Tell All Tuesdays #2 

"We planned our first trip with our daughter Jacqueline was 6 weeks old and we were going back east to visit family. We thought we were so prepared. We had extra diapers and clothes for her and snacks for us. What we didn’t have is a change of clothes for us....

So during the first leg of a multi leg trip, my husband is holding Jacqueline while wearing a white shirt and she has a giant BLOWOUT!  While I work to clean her up, he is working to clean himself up. He ended up wearing a white shirt with a giant brownish/yellow circle on it for the rest of the trip 😂

Moral of the story....bring a change of clothes for you and your baby!"

- Jen, Colorado


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