My journey into retail

My journey into retail

IT’S OFFICIAL! We are in our first retail store and not only a retail store, but THE BEST kids toy and book store in Arizona! It’s called Kid Stop Toys and Books. Their store is absolutely incredible and the first time I stepped foot into their store I knew I wanted to be a part of their story! 

Here is what it took and what I learned as a new business owner as I started out on my very first retail journey to all of the local boutiques in town.

🌸Be CONFIDENT - I knew I had the best product and one that was different from all the rest on the market. I spent hundreds of hours on market research which led me to develop the most eco-friendly and non toxic product for babies and the environment.

✨Tell YOUR story - it’s difficult for most of us to be vulnerable but the more honest we are, the more we open up and tell our story, the more others RESPECT us.

🌈Be PREPARED - be prepared for most people to say no. That “no” should make you feel even more empowered to try harder because with every “no” you are closer to a “YES!”

🌟Be PERSISTENT - I knew I had a great product and wanted to share it with everyone. So, if I wasn’t able to personally meet with the owner or buyer of a store, I would go back, multiple times. I would email, call and leave messages. I wasn’t giving up and neither should you. This is what it took in order for me to finally meet Kate, the owner of Kid Stop and let me say, it was worth every bit of my hard work and persistence. Kate recognized my persistence, heard my story and after talking and walking around her store for 30 minutes she told me she would take on my baby bibs! I was in tears (cried 4 times that day), filled with gratitude and extremely grateful for this opportunity. I DID IT!!

🙏Be GRATEFUL - be grateful for every failure and success. It makes you a stronger person and more knowledgeable. Just remember, to NEVER give up and to always have HOPE.

🙌🏻Be THANKFUL - I’m very thankful to Kate for believing in me. I’m excited for our new friendship and look forward to growing our businesses together. This is a journey I’ve been dreaming of!




Beth Schutte


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