My Journey

My Journey

Have you ever been so overwhelmed you didn't know where to start?!  On March 13, 2017 the idea of inventing a baby bib with a high neck consumed my thoughts...and this is how The Little Monkey Company was born.   Is there one out there?  What kind of research do I need to do?  Where do I go to get the information?  Do I need to hire a patent attorney?  Who is going to help me create my vision?  Where do I go to form an LLC?  What about a website, a logo?  My brain was anxious and to this day, it hasn't slowed down.

As a kid I always wanted to invent something.  I'm sure many of you had the same dreams and have even thought of one or two inventions but never decided to take the next step.  Life gets in the way.  I get it.  It's tough and at the time I had a 7 month old baby girl and a 9 year old bonus daughter.  How was I going to find the time to pursue the opportunity to see if this was my one chance  My one chance to invent and design a product that might not be on the market yet?  One product that would benefit my and my daughters lives and potentially thousands of others?  Knowing that I could make a positive impact on someone else's life meant it was go time for me!!  What's the saying, "the biggest risk is not taking any?"

If I have one piece of advice, don't give up.  If you get butterflies thinking about an idea, go for it!  Take the next step and then maybe another one.  You will be surprised at how far you go.  I'm still shocked that it only took me 1 year and 3 months to launch my company!  There were many trials and tribulations, frustrations, hours and hours of research and development, planning my research time around my kids schedules, etc.  However, if you see the vision, go after it!  It's there!  You just have to work really hard and not give up to see it.

Be hungry.  Be smart.  Be ambitious.  Be determined.  Be focused.  You will BE proud.  You will BE surprised.  You will BE grateful.  You will BE thankful and you will BE more knowledgeable.  No matter the outcome, you will BE successful. 

My goal in writing this is to have inspired at least one person.  Life is about giving back, helping others, being selfless and thoughtful, being supportive of family and friends successes and being true to oneself.  If I can do it, anyone can do it!  Let's do this together!

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