How to keep baby clean

How to keep baby clean

Whether you are first time parents, grandparents or caring for little ones, it is frustrating to say the least to try and keep them clean!  I wanted a solution too and as a first time Mom, created one!  I developed the first HIGH NECK, eco-friendly baby bib!  What?!  I know!  When I thought of the idea I was shocked there wasn't anything like it on the market either. Now, there is a solution! You can thank me later :)

Our soft high neck material helps to protect babies and toddlers necks from skin breakouts and from their clothing (especially their necklines) from getting stained. I know this has saved me a lot of time from changing clothes again after mealtime and from running out the door hoping not to be late (again).  

I hope you continue on our journey and love our new baby bib line concept as much as we do.

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