Top 4 Baby Care Tips for Winters for Busy Moms

Top 4 Baby Care Tips for Winters for Busy Moms

Winters are approaching and here are some great baby care tips for winters by moms like you.

Winters can be pleasant or they can be very harsh. It depends upon the place where you are living. Nevertheless, winters bring a host of diseases and medical conditions. Winters can be quite challenging for babies and their mothers. Babies do not have strong immune systems and are not equipped to fight harsh winters on their own. Mothers have to be extra vigilant during winters and take precautionary measures to ward off the ailments. During winters, most of the body’s energy is spent on keeping it warm against the cold weather. This is why the immune system takes a hit and babies and adults fall prey to the common cold and flu etc. During winters the air becomes chilled and depleted of moisture. It can affect your baby’s delicate skin and dry it out. The Little Monkey brings to you 4 important baby care tips that will help you and your little one sail through the winters smoothly.

Bring Out The Humidifier

  • Due to the temperature drop during winters, most people switch to internal heating systems. To keep your baby warm, you may place a portable heater in your baby’s room. While heaters take care of the cold, they suck in the moisture in and dry the air more than it already is.
Air devoid of water vapor will be harsh towards your baby’s skin and his internal systems. Dry air can exacerbate a cold and lead to the stuffiness of the nose. To overcome this problem, bring out the humidifier. Place it inside your baby’s room. It will maintain the optimal moisture level of the air and make the air more pleasant for the baby to breathe in. baby care tips for winters for busy moms baby bib

Use a Baby Bib

  • Baby bibs are an essential baby care product. They are an additional layer of clothing that protects your child from liquid spill outs. Bibs are important all around the year, but they become even more crucial during winters. Bibs are made of absorbent fabric which saves the underneath clothes from getting wet.
If your baby’s clothes get wet during winters due to milk or food spit outs, persistent wetness can cause pneumonia or other ailments of the respiratory system. Hence a bib comes in very handy for such situations. Changing clothes frequently due to wetness is also problematic and can expose the baby to coldness. Hence a bib can rescue you from all these troubles.
  • If your baby self feeds, look for innovative bibs such as The Crumb Catcher baby bib. It is made of a waterproof material that absorbs wetness. A silicon tray is attached at the end which catches the food crumbs. You can find these bibs at The Little Monkey.

Give Oil Massages

Give regular massages to your baby with lukewarm oil during winters. Oil massages will not only moisturize your baby’s skin, but they will also relax him and help in bodily growth. A good massage stimulates blood flow and improves immunity.
  • The best time to give your baby a massage is during the daytime when the sun is out and shining. You can use coconut or olive oil for the massage or you can use baby oil as advertised by baby brands.

Protect Against Heat Rash

Mothers tend to overdress their babies during winters. Sometimes too much clothing can lead to excessive sweating which can clog the baby’s skin pores. This leads to the development of a red and bumpy heat rash. In order to avoid that, dress your child in a few layers of breathable clothes especially during nighttime. Heat rashes go away on their own. Just make sure to not overdo the clothing and keep the neck and upper chest area relatively open.

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