5 Practical Tips to Take Care of Baby Bibs

5 Practical Tips to Take Care of Baby Bibs

Here are some proven ways to take care of baby bibs

Bibs are practical, useful, and necessary. They save mothers from the hassle of changing clothes again and again. They keep the baby dry and his underneath clothes free from stains. Even though most bibs don’t cost a lot of money, you often end up buying them more frequently than you would like to admit. This is because bibs are one of the most overused accessories and the frequent washing wears them off. Hence you have to dispose of them and get a new set of bibs quite often. However, there are a few things you can do to maintain their quality. The Little Monkey has brought to you some useful tips which can prolong the life of bibs and save them from damage. So read on.

Tip No.1: Read the Bib’s Label and Instructions

  • The first suggestion we have is to treat the bib the right way. Read the care label of the product. It contains information about the material of the bib and how it should be washed. The manufacturer usually elaborates on the cleaning methods for the bibs i.e. whether they should be machine washed or they can only be hand washed.
Carefully reading the instructions on the label and implementing them is the first step in the right direction.

Tip No.2: Take Quick Action Against Stains

  • Bibs and stains go hand in hand. Stains are unavoidable. However, you can minimize the damage caused by stains by taking quick actions against them. If a bib gets stained, it is better to remove the stain as soon as possible. Depending upon the material, some bibs need to be treated with cold water to remove the stains.
Some bibs require special stain spray which prevents the stain from becoming permanent. Once the bib has been treated on spot, it can be further washed with baby detergent.

Tip No. 3: Air Dry Them

Instead of putting them in a dryer, we recommend you to air dry the bibs. This has the following two benefits:
  • Delicate bibs can get damaged due to the strong mechanical action of dryers. Air drying is a gentler method for drying bibs.
  • Sunlight acts as a germicide. The bibs will be more hygienic after you air dry them.
Air drying is essential for bibs made of plastic and rubber materials, but it can be a useful practice for cotton bibs as well. take care of baby bibs like a professional

Tip No.4: Be Mindful of Machine Settings

  • Handwashing is the preferred way of washing bibs because it is gentler than machine washing. However, rubber and plastic bibs can be machine washed as well. Make sure that the temperature of the water is not above 30 degrees Celsius. High-temperature water can damage the plastic coating of the bibs.
Instead of spin-drying, tumble dry rubber, and plastic bibs. Tumble drying activates the water-repellant plastic coating of bibs. The optimum temperature for tumble drying is 180 degrees Celsius.

Tip No.5: Anti-Bacterial Washing Soaps are a Big No-No

  • Antibacterial washing soaps have harsh chemicals that can destroy the delicate fabric of baby bibs. The same goes for stain remover chemicals. The antibacterial washing soaps usually have an abrasive quality to them which can cause harm to the water-repellent fabric of the bib.
Use specially formulated baby laundry detergents for washing baby bibs. These detergents are easy on the fabric and don’t strip the bibs of their water-repellent qualities.

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