Things to Look for When Choosing the Best Baby Bib for Your Child

Things to Look for When Choosing the Best Baby Bib for Your Child
As a new parent, you have probably already discovered that mealtimes with a baby is a messy affair. The good news is that baby bibs are a fantastic invention that can keep food from falling on the clothes of the baby during mealtime. However, baby bibs come in several shapes and sizes including different build materials. How do you find out which bib is the best for your child? To help you out, we have created this comprehensive guide which will help you buy the best baby bib for your child. Before you buy one, it is important to know the different types of baby bibs and how they help you.

The Different Types of Baby Bibs

Baby Bibs come in all shapes and sizes and each provides have a unique set of features that makes your life easier and mealtimes better for both of you. Here is a quick look at the types of bibs available today.
  • best baby bibDrool Bibs - Drool bibs are smaller than other feeding bibs because they are designed in a way so that your baby can freely roam around the house without the fear of being tangled in a larger feeding bib.
  • Feeding Bibs - As the name suggests, feeding bibs are placed around the neck of the baby during mealtime. Since it can be quite messy to feed a baby, the bibs have a large design to protect as much of your baby’s clothes as possible from food falling.
  • Smock - Smock or long-sleeved baby bib is a great option to use when feeding the baby. Rather than simply hang around the neck of your baby, the long sleeve bib can be worn over as a protective sleeve. It is incredibly long and provides the best protection.

Things to Look For When Buying the Best Baby Bib

  • As you may have already guessed from the previous section, bibs are different and provide protection based on several scenarios. When buying a bib for your child, here are the things you should consider.

Easy Folding

  • The baby bib should easily be foldable because let’s be honest, you and your baby are not going to stay home all the time. Easy folding bib allows you to carry it with you anywhere you can go. You can also fold it up and place it into a diaper bag if you have limited space in your personal luggage or bag.

Perfect Fit

  • bib that fitsIdeally, the bib should perfectly fit around the neck of your child. There are actually a few benefits of having a perfectly fitted bib.
Firstly, it is really hard for the baby to remove the bib if it is perfectly fitted on the neck, secondly, the bib doesn’t accidentally come off when you are feeding the baby (we’ve all been there!).


  • If the bib is not comfortable for your child, mealtime will be more than a mess. Your baby will likely move around a lot in order to remove the bib and the food will fall down everywhere. So make sure the bib isn’t too tight, doesn’t irritate the neck of the baby, and does not brushes against their skin.

Ease of Cleaning

  • Surprisingly, this is a commonly overlooked feature of baby bibs. Since the bib will get very messy after a mealtime, you should ideally look for one that is easy to clean. Some bibs are made with certain materials that makes it hard for you to clean them properly.
A bib should easily be cleanable by wiping down the spills, through a washing machine or a dishwasher. If any special cleaning instructions are required, then it is best to avoid buying the bib.

Introducing the Best Baby Bib

  • The baby bibs available today all have one common thing - they are hard to clean. This is why we have invented The Little Monkey Company baby bib that has a unique high-neck and water-proof design. Our bib has a wide snap-on, silicone crumb capture to prevent food from falling on the clothes.
With capped shoulders, you can rest assured that your baby will always feel comfortable wearing one of these. The Little Monkey Company baby bib ensures that moms will never have to go through:
  • Excessive scrubbing to remove stains after mealtimes
  • No more ruined clothes
  • No more stained bibs even after washing repeatedly
  • No more worrying about your baby getting messy while eating
  • No more rashes or skin irritations on the neck of the baby
Let your kid be free and don’t let the ‘mess’ come in your way. Try yours today and we guarantee that you’ll never go back to another bib.

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