On-The-Go Baby Must-Haves

On-The-Go Baby Must-Haves
The nurse in the hospital said for me to stay out of public with my baby for the first six weeks. Then we went to our Pediatrician who said, "No! Take your baby out everywhere. It's good to get your baby out and build up their immune system." Our Pediatrician believes the best medicine is in our kitchen (they offer holistic options first and then if needed medical options / treatment). So we did just that and I remember our 2 week old baby out at a restaurant on the patio sleeping in the car seat (we had used a breathable car seat cover to provide privacy, darkness, and protect from germs too). For us, we bring our kid everywhere even as a baby - cruises, traveling, wineries, breweries and it's been so much fun. We are all about experiences instead of things. Kids learn and thrive when they have new adventures. Along the way we discovered some amazing products that make going out with baby or toddler much easier so we wanted to share:

#1 Full-Coverage Bib

The Little Monkey Company has full-coverage baby bibs that are perfect for on the go. Usually kids where their best outfits out and about so when eating, these bibs protect clothes from getting stained.
  • The bib is waterproof on top and then has a snap-on crumb catcher.
  • Rinses clean in seconds.
  • Bib rolls up and snap into the food catcher creating an easy carrying case.
  • 3 meals are donated to hungry kids for every bib sold - 15k+ meals donated to date!
  • 100{3eef1f002d1e0193b4b964844dbc64e3636761dc336ac7205011e67901c7a764} eco-friendly, too!
$19.95 best baby bib

#2 Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light

Making sure baby has a safe place to sleep is important when traveling - even if it's just to Grandma's house for the day - babies sleep often. The Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light is AMAZING! It's especially useful for traveling. We brought ours all over - on planes, trains, cruises and more.
  • Breathable mesh design for safe sleeping.
  • Nothing to assemble - you set up the crib in one movement. So easy - I did not even need instructions or my husband!
  • Lightweight - only 13 lbs so it's easy to carry especially in the airport.
  • Comes with a comfortable mattress and carrying bag.

#3 High-Chair / Shopping Cart Cover for Babies and Toddlers

We absolutely love the Itzy Ritzy shopping cart and highchair cover for kids. We kept one in the car so we would always have on hand. It's perfect to protect kids from germs on highchairs at restaurants and on shopping carts. Easy to wash, too! $29.99 #4 Kinderwagon Stroller I LOVE Kinderwagon strollers - very lightweight and awesome to travel with. Safety, style, quality, comfort, and convenience all in one! Kinderwagon is well-known for their tandum stroller that fit two kids and other unique strollers. Here are there four designs:
  • HOP – double tandem stroller perfect for twins or kids close in age
  • JUMP – a unique stroller where baby sits in front and has a seat on the back where older kids can jump off and on as you go
  • SKIP – lightweight yet durable umbrella stroller perfect for travel
  • METRO – a stroller durable for city streets, parks, and even off-roading
$189 - $399 What products are your favorite for on-the-go?

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