How to Get my Baby to Poop

Our sweet boy was breastfed (I pumped and bottle fed due to latching issues) and I also supplemented with formula at night. After about three months we switch to formula exclusively because my supply dried up and our baby couldn't poop!

It was the single most heartbreaking experience of motherhood so far. I remember reading online what to do and one recommendation was a soapy, warm bath. Our 5 month old baby was looking up at me from the bathtub clearly uncomfortable with the look of, "Mama, please help me."

The soapy bath didn't work, we even tried rubbing castor oil on baby's tummy and this maybe started to get things moving but when the poop came it was literally stuck. I could see the head of it sticking out but my poor boy could not fully pass it.

Ever time he tried to push it out he screamed in pain. This was so awful and I felt helpless but then I said, "I'm going to get that poop out!" I ended up taking a digital thermometer and digging out some of the poo I saw sticking out. Gently of course and I did not hurt my baby.

Back into the warm, soapy bath he went and we did bicycle legs to help him pass that stubborn poop. Finally, it came out. What a relief.

My husband said that it's probably the formula that he's on and he was right! I am lactose sensitive myself and my son is as well. We switched him to Earth's Best Sensitivity Formula (99{3eef1f002d1e0193b4b964844dbc64e3636761dc336ac7205011e67901c7a764} lactose-free). It was much better but still sometimes was hard to push out so we started 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in sweet potato puree and after this he was very regular with no issues (even to date).

See the sweet potato puree recipe for babies in our other blog.

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