5 Reasons Why Your Child Needs a Baby Bib

5 Reasons Why Your Child Needs a Baby Bib
Babies are the most adorable creatures and our love for them is unending. However, their cuteness and our affection for them cannot distract us from the fact that babies are quite high-maintenance and require special care. There are a multitude of baby care products which help in keeping the baby clean and healthy. If you are first time parents, you might be wondering which of these products are actually necessary and which are just for pomp and show. Let us help you understand the importance of a crucial item, which is the baby bib. It might seem insignificant at first, but this handy item will save you a lot of hassle and time in the long run. Bib a small piece of absorbent and soft cloth tied around the baby’s neck. It’s main purpose is to absorb spit up milk, baby drools and dribbles. The underneath clothes stay protected and your baby stays tidy and dry. Babies have different needs at different stages of development. Some babies need bibs from infancy, while others need it around the age of 6 months, when they start the teething process. Nevertheless, it is always prudent to keep a couple of different bibs at hands in your baby bag. Let us explore when and why your baby will need a bib.

The Spitting Up Milk Phase

  • Boys spilling milkMilk, be it breast or formula, is the primary baby food. Babies grow up on milk only for the first four months. Some babies have a bad reflux and spit up undigested milk a few minutes after consuming it. Babies under the age of 3 months usually spit up milk the most.The spitting up is a result of consuming milk too fast.
Bib saves the underneath clothes from getting spoiled due to spit up milk. Spit up milk is not only inconvenient, it is unhygienic as well. The sour milk has a typical funky smell. Bib provides you the convenience of changing only a small piece of cloth instead of changing the entire dress again and again.

Bottled Milk Leaks

  • Along with milk spit ups, sometimes the bottled milk leaks and it can destroy your baby’s clothes. Bibs act as a protective covering for bottled milk leaks.
Bibs also provide the convenience of washing only a single piece of cloth instead of washing the entire dress. It saves energy and does not irritate your baby.

Dribbling and Drooling

  • The salivary glands of infants activate after the age of 3-4 months when they start consuming solid foods. The muscles which regulate the production of saliva develop at a later stage. Due to this, excessive saliva comes out as dribble and drool. The constant drooling causes the underneath clothes to become wet, untidy and smelly.
Bib will absorb all the drools and keep your baby healthy and smiling.

Teething Drools

  • On average, babies start sprouting teeth after turning 6 months old. Teething is a difficult process for babies and they often get cranky. Drooling and dribbling also intensifies during the teething process due to excessive production by salivary glands. The front of your child’s clothes becomes soggy again and again. Here come bibs to your rescue.

Food Spit Outs

  • When babies start eating solid food, they sometimes spit it out. At times it's their way of conveying that they are full and other times they do it just for fun.
Food spit outs can leave stains on your baby’s dress and make them appear untidy. A large bib will protect your baby’s clothes and save you from the hassle of cleaning and changing. We have established the necessity of bibs for the comfort and convenience of both babies and parents. If you are looking for affordable and handy bibs with unique and modern features, take a look at The Little Monkey Company's collection of baby bibs for girls and boys.

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