5 Easy Tips to Effectively Clean Baby Bibs

5 Easy Tips to Effectively Clean Baby Bibs
wish had a clean bibBaby bibs are tough to clean! Getting the bib to stay clean and stain-free is something you’ll constantly find yourself doing during the first few years of your baby’s life. While it is a challenge in its own right, there are ways you can make things easier for you. Here are some useful and easy tips to effectively clean baby bibs without ruining their material.

Read The Label of the Bib

  • When you are shopping for baby bibs, read the label carefully. There’s always some advice mentioned on the label that can help you pick the right washing method and the detergent you’ll need.
Some manufacturers even include the maximum water temperature the bib should be washed in and as well as the drying procedures to ensure the material keeps from losing its colors.

Pre-Treat the Stains

  • Food can leave behind incredibly difficult to remove stains especially if the food was greasy. These stains don’t go easily by washing and oftentimes require pre-treatment. You can pre-treat the stains by using a spray stain remover directly on the area where the stain is visible.
You can then gently rub the stain remover with an old toothbrush and allow it to soak into the fabric for a while before you wash the bib.

Soak The Bib Overnight

  • If the stain you are dealing with looks impossible to remove, you can try soaking the bib overnight in a mixture of one part water and one part white vinegar (diluted). This will help loosen the stain from the fabric of the bib and will effectively help you get rid of it.
The method is perfect for removing stains left behind by breast milk, grass, formula milk, and spits.

Choose the Correct Detergent

  • It is highly recommended to invest in a baby-friendly detergent to wash the bib. This means that the detergent you should use should be free of bleach, material softeners, and dye fragrances. If you’re not careful with the detergent you use, you’ll end up hurting the sensitive skin of your baby.

Do Not Wash The Bib In Hot Water

  • Many moms make the mistake of washing baby bibs in hot water. As we mentioned earlier, there is a set temperature in which you must wash the bib in order to keep the fabric in perfect condition.
Although hot water is the number one choice to remove stains, it isn’t practical because it will expand or shrink the material of the bib. This is because hot water cooks the proteins that are in the stains which results in spreading the stain instead of cleaning it.
  • So for best results, always wash the bib in cold water or in the recommended temperature listed on the label of the bib.

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