4 Types of Baby Bibs and Their Usability 

4 Types of Baby Bibs and Their Usability 
Bibs are an important accessory of regular child care products. They provide a protective covering over the baby’s clothes. Bibs are easy to wash and can be changed without much hassle. They offer convenience, protection, and style; all three in one. The traditional bib is a small and round piece of absorbent cloth that is wrapped around the baby’s neck. The traditional bib has evolved and now we have a multitude of different bibs with different shapes and sizes. Bibs are now not only used at mealtimes but also for other fun activities during playtime. Bibs give babies the freedom to be creative and messy. Let us see the different types of bibs available in the market and their usability for different occasions.

The Crumb Catcher

  • These bibs are living proof of the adage: necessity is the mother of all inventions. The crumb catcher is an innovative bib that comes with a built-in curved silicone tray. The tray acts as a crumb catcher and all food particles fall in the tray instead of staining your baby’s clothes.
This bib is comfortable to wear and can be removed easily. The crumb catcher had capped shoulders which keeps the bib affixed. It is made of waterproof material and saves the clothes from both liquid and solid spit outs. The crumb catcher is ideal for self-feeding babies as well.
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Bandana Bibs

  • They get their name and inspiration from the traditional bandana. These bibs are shaped like a handkerchief and are tied around the baby’s neck. Bandana bibs are placed high on the neck so they act as instant drool catcher. Bandana bibs are perfect for teething babies who drool a lot.
They are fashionable and often look like a clothing accessory rather than a traditional bib. Traditional bibs are secured by thin strips of fabrics. They are not tightly secured and can come off if the baby pulls at it. Bandana bibs have a more secure tying mechanism in the form of adhesive tapes. They do not come off easily if the baby tugs at them.

Coverall Bibs

  • These bibs take their inspiration from overalls. Coverall bibs look like jumpers. They are designed to provide maximum coverage and protection to baby’s underneath clothes. Coveralls are made of flexible PVC material. They are water-resistant. These bibs are suitable for toddlers who can stain their clothes while crawling.
Coveralls offer good protection when children want to engage in messy activities such as painting. Coveralls come in different styles and versions; some are sleeveless and cover the front and remaining body. Others cover the entire body including the arms. Coverall bibs are comfortable to wear and easy to remove.

Throwaway Bibs

  • Throwaway bibs are disposable. They are made from reinforced paper and can be discarded after one-time use. Waterproof material adheres to the back of the bibs while the front is made of absorbent material. Some disposable bibs have a necktie, others have adhesive tapes mechanism for tying.
While these bibs cannot be used on day to day basis, they are great for traveling and vacation. Disposable bibs are a life-saver for emergency situations when no other usable bib is available.

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