4 Essential Baby Care Products Every Parent Needs

4 Essential Baby Care Products Every Parent Needs
The arrival of a baby changes our lives in multiple ways. It is essential to be prepared for your little bundle of joy who will keep you at his hand and foot all the time. If you are a first-time parent, you will be surprised to see the number of baby care products that are needed to keep your baby happy and ticking. Babies have very different needs and are quite high maintenance compared to adults. From clothes to diapers, to cute burping cloths (read bibs), babies need it all. For all the first time parents who are definitely freaking out, we have compiled a list of 4 important baby care products that must be a part of your baby bag. So read on and stock up on these items to be fully prepared when the baby arrives.


  • Humidifiers come in handy when your baby gets a cold (which he will at some point during the first two months despite all the care and precaution). Humidifiers allow the baby to breathe comfortably and ease the stuffiness of the nose. It relieves cough as well. Most parents don’t include humidifiers on their list of must-buy items, which is a mistake.
Buy a humidifier that is easy to clean and operate. Adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil in the humidifier will do wonders for stubborn stuffy noses.

Baby Wipes

  • Baby wipes are very handy and serve multiple purposes. Their main purpose is to wipe your baby’s tushie every time he soils himself. They are disposable and are laced with a wiping liquid to perfectly clean the tushie. Look for hypoallergenic wipes that are free of alcohol and fragrance.
They are great for emergencies and come in handy while you are traveling. Baby wipes can also be used for cleaning hands, spit-up stains on clothes, and dirty surfaces. They are an easy fix for a mother’s multiple problems.

Baby Bibs

  • Bibs are small pieces of cloth that are tied around a baby’s neck. They serve multiple purposes such as saving the clothes from getting stained and wet due to spill-ups. For the first four months, milk is the only food a baby feeds on. Newborns often suffer from milk reflux and end up spitting milk. This is where bibs come to the rescue.
As babies grow, they start consuming solid food. They often spit out solid food and spoil their clothes. When babies start eating themselves, they leave crumbs of food everywhere which can create quite a mess. In order to avoid that, buy a bib that comes with a crumb catcher tray.
  • The Little Monkey Company sells unique bibs at affordable prices. The bibs are lined with water-resistant plastic and a silicone tray is attached at the bottom. The tray catches the pieces of food which come out of the baby’s mouth while they are eating and the water-resistant bib saves the clothes from getting spoiled.

Swaddle Blanket

  • Newborn babies cannot hold their necks and need extra support when picked up and carried around. A swaddle blanket helps in wrapping a newborn securely in a blanket. It keeps the baby’s arms securely inside the blanket and keeps him warm and comfortable.
Swaddle blankets come in cute and colorful designs. They are another important item on your list of must-have baby products.

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